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Malcolm's Cancer Fund (MCF) - XS Taekwon-Do in Scotland

About Malcolm

Malcolm was an active, fit man, who taught taekwon-do to students of all ages. There is no doubt that Malcolm had a profound effect on a lot of young people lifes in his ten years at XS Taekwon-Do. Taekwon-do was not his hobby, taekwon-do was his life and he is greatly missed at XS.

For many years Malcolm gave very generously of his time, energy, skill and commitment to his students, and it would be no exaggeration to say that it wasn’t just a martial art that they learned from him. They also learned about self-confidence, discipline, self-control, and respect, among many other things.

When it came to helping youngsters within the world of taekwon-do you couldn’t have asked for a better mentor and someone to look up to.


Tragically, in 2006 Malcolm developed cancer and was initially given less than a year. However, along with complementary treatments that he received in both Mexico and Germany, and his very positive and determined mind set which he got from taekwon-do Malcolm kept training and even took two black belt gradings during this time. Sadly though Malcolm lost the only fight he has ever lost on Christmas Day 2009.


Malcolm’s Cancer Fund (MCF) was originally set up to help fund Malcolm’s very expensive treatments. Marie, Malcolm’s partner, and also the senior instructor at XS Taekwon-do would like to continue with the MCF work to help raise awareness that there are many other treatments available to people with cancer that are not available on the NHS. However, many of these treatments are very expensive and that is why the MCF will continue with its fundraising in order to help more people receive these kinds of treatments which could not only extend their lives but also give them a better quality of life.

In this way the MCF will not only help other people but will also help to keep Malcolm’s memory alive within the world of taekwon-do, the GTUK and XS in particular.

However, the greatest story we honour through the MCF is of a man who touched a lot of people’s hearts. A man who had fists of steel and a heart of gold and would want the tragedy of his death to become something positive by helping others who are suffering as he did.

We ask that you continue to support the MCF generously with the fundraising and look out for the MCF logo and help make other people aware of what it means and how it can help people.


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