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XS Taekwon-Do Team of Taekwon-Do instructors in Scotland


Meet the XS Taekwon-do team in Scotland:

Management Team

Marie McAneny

Marie McAneny V

Jamie Philip

Jamie Philip II

Registered Instructors

Stuart Odell

Stuart Odell III

Allan Clark

Allan Clark II

Ronnie McQueen

Ronnie McQueen II


Kirsty Walker

Kirsty Walker III

Kirsty Walker

Willieam McArthur III

Jean Cameron

Jean Cameron II

Paul Clark

Paul Clark II

Ciaran Orr

Ciaran Orr II

David McTurk

David McTurk II

Paul Orr

Paul Orr II

Diane Clark

Diane Clark I

Assistant Instructors

Karis Bhattacharyya

Karis Bhattacharyya I

Samantha Dailly

Samantha Dailly I

James MacDonald

James MacDonald I

Kieran Rodger

Kieran Rodger I

Robbie McHale

Robbie McHale I

Mary Philip

Mary Philip

Patrick Paterson

Valerie Quinn

Patrick Paterson

Rhys Marrable

Patrick Paterson

Sean Fitzgerald


Jimmy McAneny

James McAneny

Wilma Odell

Wilma Odell


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